Solars Panels Given Ethical Seal Of Approval

Plug Into the Sun solar installation has ethical seal of approval.

Solar panels used by Plug Into The Sun have been voted as the “most ethical” solar panels available anywhere in the UK. A survey by Ethical Consumer Magazine has bestowed the title on one of the main suppliers, Solar Century. Also performing top were GB-Sol, SolarWorld and Yingli Solar. The survey was carried out using criteria such as involvement in sweatshop labour, workers’ rights, pollution record and arms trade links.

Fitting solar panels on your roof is one of the most important and now cost effective actions that green consumers can take. However, individuals have a key role to play in helping to drive sustainable manufacturing within the solar power panel industry.

Sustainability and ethics has always been the driving force behind Plug Into the Sun, ever since environmental entrepreneur Andy Tanner set up the company in 2004 but it is always good to see how far this vision is enforced right throughout the company.

Remember too, that claims solar panels take more energy to make than they generate in their lifetime just is not true. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory in the US, has researched this and the average panel will pay back the energy used to manufacture it in less than 4 years. With a 30 year lifetime that gives 26 years of pollution free energy generation.

 Managing Director Andy Tanner says,  “We know we source from the best to offer our customers quality and value but we also like to think we take our responsibilities to the planet and the global community seriously. So news that our suppliers are working ethically is not surprising but fantastic news nonetheless.”

The award comes at an exciting and challenging time for the UK solar power industry. With the Government’s introduction of the Feed In Tariff offering consumers the chance to make money from, rather than pay for, electricity. According to the latest Ofgem figures, there are now nearly 10,000 installations making money from the sun, wind or other renewables. Most of these are photovoltaic systems though. So far payments have topped £180,000. What are you waiting for? Start making your roof make money with the Feed In Tariff and the south west’s leading solar PV installer, Plug Into The Sun.

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