At last !!! Biodegradable crisp packets

Walkers to make crisp packet from potatoes?

Company announces plans for starchy packet after alternative deemed ‘too noisy’

More than just a crisp machine…

The people behind Walkers crisps have announced plans to make packets from potato peelings.

They had some success with making cellulose bags from wood pulp but feared customers would complain they were too ‘crackly’.

So now, the technology is being developed to make environmentally-friendly crisp packets from recycled potato peelings.

Walkers, who is the UK’s biggest crisp maker, is hoping to have perfected the technology within 18 months.

Richard Evans, president of parent company PepsiCo UK, told BBC Radio 4′s Today programme: “Imagine making it (a crisp packet) out of potato peelings.

“In reality, if you think about starch – and you know how sticky starch is – if you could mass it together you could create a layer of starch and stabilise that.

“We could use the peelings we have, that today go to animal feed and other recycling uses, to be turned into a crisp packets.”

Walkers is hoping to perfect packets that will easily biodegrade. The move could make a huge difference as the snack food brand makes 10 million bags of crisps every day.

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