Poppy update…read on

If you have ever owned and loved an animal, you will understand this … Poppy is still with us, up and down, it is clearly coming to the end of her life, she has bursts of energy when she is so independent, that she is determined to do something to prove that she is to be given the respect that she has become accustomed to and maintaining her independence – raiding bins, stealing catfood, leaping up the stairs, running around the garden, jumping on and off the sofas!  then she flops???? FLAT OUT…  is this the end?? no, not yet, that would be too easy.  I have to keep re-assessing.

Well, for those who are interested: I spoke to a fellow adviser today in the office, whose father owned a petshop in the 1960′s.  He told me that as a child, he bought an encyclopedia about animal health and used to give advice for two shillings a go! compared to the vets charge of £5.  I am not sure why he decided to become an IFA???

What he shared with me, was really helpful, much more than the advice from the vet.  Sometimes we miss the point of it all. Kathy

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