Sad news

Sadly, we lost our little Poppy this week, she was put to sleep at home on Monday by the vet.  She is buried under the Bramley apple tree in the hen paddock.  I obviously am very sad at the moment, but I must remember that death is part of life and grieving is normal.  So althougn I am sad, it is a positive feeling, a celebration of her life. Pops was 15 years old and this was her first illness ever, she was a fiesty little madam and her nickname was ‘naughtius Poppius’  for obvious reasons.  The boy dogs are a little subdued, I know that they miss her, but what else they make of it I don’t know.  No doubt I will be over at the dog rescue before too long as for every dog that I can take in and provide with a home, it saves life of another somewhere in the UK.

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