This is happy then sad but happy! what a weekend!

The wedding of William and Catherine was lovely, I wasn’t intending on watching it as I am a little aloof about this type of commitment and Nick was working anyway – but I was drawn to it, and at 9.30am on Friday I wanted to watch William arrive at the church.  Nick brought down the analogue TV and then there was the hunt for the digi-box!

I loved every minute, the boys William and Harry together like little toy soldiers really, reminded me of my boys who are of similar ages,  and the beautiful lace top of Catherine’s dress and delicate veil, it could not have been more lovely.

And oh!!!! the horses – well they are my real love!

I was filled with a little pride and nostalgia for our nation and its people - we must not be ashamed of everything we have achieved it is not all bad!

Sadly on Saturday evening my little Jack Russell girl had a stroke aged 15 – Poppy our fiesty little madam was close to the end of her life, the vet didn’t give her much hope. 

I have nursed her over the past few days with love and tenderness and I thought her life was over, but she has fought back and today stole the cat food and tonight is back on her feet again!  Rummaging through Charlie’s bin! (youngest son)

It may not last, but hey ho! life goes on.

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