UKSIF Celebrates 20 Years

Wednesday 13th July 2011, UKSIF celebtated 20 years of socially responsible investing, although ethical investment has been around for at least another 10 years. I attended the soiree at the House of Lords and was interested to see how many of the major UK fund management houses, financial press, public and major private sector pension scheme trustees and discretionary fund managers were attending.  Not as many IFAs as I had hoped and expected, especially as they/we are the foot soldiers fighting on the ground, self-funded.  I was hoping to catch up with a few close friends, but I understand why some of them stayed away.

Later in the day I met with a friend who is involved with the promotion of The London Green Fund and it shows how things have moved forward over the past 20 years. This would never have got off the ground 20 years ago, so THANK YOU TO EVERYONE – IFAs, UKSIF, EIA, Investment Fund managers  and of course the Rt Hon Lord Deben (John Gummer), who has strongly supported SRI for many years and made it possible for the unwashed to enter the HOL!  The daal was fantastic!

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