Renewable energy funds powered for success

Socially responsible investments enjoyed another strong trading period, with most of the investment funds in the sector achieving decent positive returns.  Renewable energy investment has been one of the best performing areas in the alternatives market.

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UKSIF Celebrates 20 Years

Wednesday 13th July 2011, UKSIF celebtated 20 years of socially responsible investing, although ethical investment has been around for at least another 10 years. I attended the soiree at the House of Lords and was interested to see how many of the major UK fund management houses, financial press, public and major private sector pension scheme trustees and discretionary fund managers were attending.  Not as many IFAs as I had hoped and expected, especially as they/we are the foot soldiers fighting on the ground, self-funded.  I was hoping to catch up with a few close friends, but I understand why some of them stayed away.

Later in the day I met with a friend who is involved with the promotion of The London Green Fund and it shows how things have moved forward over the past 20 years. This would never have got off the ground 20 years ago, so THANK YOU TO EVERYONE – IFAs, UKSIF, EIA, Investment Fund managers  and of course the Rt Hon Lord Deben (John Gummer), who has strongly supported SRI for many years and made it possible for the unwashed to enter the HOL!  The daal was fantastic!

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Phono solar – have you heard of this company?

We are looking at erecting  PV panels for our roof at home – does anyone know about Phono solar panels?  If so, please get in touch. Kathy

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Ecology Building Society AGM

The AGM of the Ecology Building Society is on Saturday 4th June 2011 at the Centre for Alternative Technology, we will be there along with many other trade stands, it starts at around 10.30am. – see you there! Kathy and Nick

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Sad news

Sadly, we lost our little Poppy this week, she was put to sleep at home on Monday by the vet.  She is buried under the Bramley apple tree in the hen paddock.  I obviously am very sad at the moment, but I must remember that death is part of life and grieving is normal.  So althougn I am sad, it is a positive feeling, a celebration of her life. Pops was 15 years old and this was her first illness ever, she was a fiesty little madam and her nickname was ‘naughtius Poppius’  for obvious reasons.  The boy dogs are a little subdued, I know that they miss her, but what else they make of it I don’t know.  No doubt I will be over at the dog rescue before too long as for every dog that I can take in and provide with a home, it saves life of another somewhere in the UK.

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Poppy update…read on

If you have ever owned and loved an animal, you will understand this … Poppy is still with us, up and down, it is clearly coming to the end of her life, she has bursts of energy when she is so independent, that she is determined to do something to prove that she is to be given the respect that she has become accustomed to and maintaining her independence – raiding bins, stealing catfood, leaping up the stairs, running around the garden, jumping on and off the sofas!  then she flops???? FLAT OUT…  is this the end?? no, not yet, that would be too easy.  I have to keep re-assessing.

Well, for those who are interested: I spoke to a fellow adviser today in the office, whose father owned a petshop in the 1960′s.  He told me that as a child, he bought an encyclopedia about animal health and used to give advice for two shillings a go! compared to the vets charge of £5.  I am not sure why he decided to become an IFA???

What he shared with me, was really helpful, much more than the advice from the vet.  Sometimes we miss the point of it all. Kathy

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This is happy then sad but happy! what a weekend!

The wedding of William and Catherine was lovely, I wasn’t intending on watching it as I am a little aloof about this type of commitment and Nick was working anyway – but I was drawn to it, and at 9.30am on Friday I wanted to watch William arrive at the church.  Nick brought down the analogue TV and then there was the hunt for the digi-box!

I loved every minute, the boys William and Harry together like little toy soldiers really, reminded me of my boys who are of similar ages,  and the beautiful lace top of Catherine’s dress and delicate veil, it could not have been more lovely.

And oh!!!! the horses – well they are my real love!

I was filled with a little pride and nostalgia for our nation and its people - we must not be ashamed of everything we have achieved it is not all bad!

Sadly on Saturday evening my little Jack Russell girl had a stroke aged 15 – Poppy our fiesty little madam was close to the end of her life, the vet didn’t give her much hope. 

I have nursed her over the past few days with love and tenderness and I thought her life was over, but she has fought back and today stole the cat food and tonight is back on her feet again!  Rummaging through Charlie’s bin! (youngest son)

It may not last, but hey ho! life goes on.

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Chorlton Green Day

We had a great day and met lots of lovely folk.  I have never seen so many dogs in one place, it was like home from home!  Dogs and bikes – a great fun day. Thanks to the guy/s who played the blues!

The raffle for the Karuna Trust raised exactly £50, so thank you to those who bought tickets. The winner was Mr Carl Devereaux of Knutsford – so congrats to him!

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Chorlton’s Big Green Festival 16th April

Live Music -DanceFood & DrinkSwaps

Workshops - BicyclesFashion

We will be there on Saturday 16th April , with our new stand, fairtrade bananas and other treats, plus lots of stuff about what we do!  Look forward to seeing you there.

Main Festival

Chorlton’s Big Green Festival is an annual celebration of sustainable living in Manchester. The next festival takes place at St Clement’s Church, Edge Lane, Chorlton, Manchester on Saturday, 16 April 2011.

This year’s theme is Bike To The Future. There will be supervised bike parking, but please bring an adequate bike lock.

Chorlton’s Big Green Festival puts sustainability centre stage with a vibrant mix of live music and dance, food and drink, arts and swaps, and much more. There are also plenty of opportunities for festival-goers to get hands-on with practical workshops, a bike parade and a huge ceilidh.

Best of all, entry to the festival is completely free!

For more information visit

Fringe Events : After Party

When Chorlton’s Big Green Festival 2011 is over, what happens next?Green Chorlton – organisers of the festival – has teamed up with Lloyds Hotel to put on another spectacular event from 7pm to midnight

The official Chorlton’s Big Green Festival 2011 After-Party will feature more drinking, dancing and live music from:

  • Lost Rites
  • Shmoo
  • Visual art treats from VJ SMO
  • Great tunes, happy days all around courtesy of Vinyl junkie party monster – MONO808


  • Free veggie buffet (when foods runs out it runs out so get there early) courtesy of Lloyds Bar.

At:      617 Wilbraham Road, Chorlton, Manchester M21 9AN

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Chorlton’s Big Green Festival – Manchester

Saturday 16th April 2011 at St Clement’s Church, Chorlton  - this year’s theme – Bike to the Future!

Live Music – Dance – Food & Drink – Swaps – Workshops – Bicycles – Fashion

Don’t miss it – and entry is free!  See our events page for more information. Hope to see you there.

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