BushProof – investing and giving

Eric Fewster – one of the founders of BushProof and his co-founder Adriaan Mol have done so much to improve the lives of so many others across the world, I felt that they should be featured on our website.

Although at the moment, it may not be possible for ‘ordinary’ investors to invest directly in BushProof, we are looking for a way for people who would like to either invest in or support the valuable work they do, by making either donations or potentially invest into the schemes in the future. The following gives you an idea of the kind of work that they are involved in, but for more information, please see www.bushproof.com.

BushProof was started in 2005 and is based in Madagascar. Its mission has been to significantly contribute towards achieving universal and sustainable access to clean drinking water through innovative private sector solutions that positively impact the health and wellbeing of people living in low-income countries. A large component of the work now involves drilling for water locally in Madagascar, including the use of innovative manual drilling technologies, which are specifically chosen for the tough and remote environments commonly encountered in the country. In addition to its infrastructural work, BushProof also has a training component where it trains other water & sanitation staff and organizations, both via trainings at their base in Madagascar but also on site in other countries on request.


Since 2005, BushProof has impacted the lives of 1.5 million individual people through a variety of products and services. Each of those products has a different useful life. For instance, a village borehole with hand pump easily lasts 8 years, whereas a simple family handwashing device might wear out in just 12 months. Presented more fairly in a different format, BushProof has achieved over 4.5 million people-years of improved health through safe drinking water provision, improved hygiene and clean energy.

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