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Could ‘eco friendly glasses’  be an option.

I was interested to hear more about the Eco MODO specs range from Vision Express. There’s only a teensy bit of plastic or metal on your frames – would it really make any difference, or was this another high street chain applying greenwash?

On closer inspection, it seems not. Vision Express have paid a great deal of attention to detail resulting in a range that certainly appears to be ethical through and through.

As well as the frames being 95% recycled, a tree is planted in developing countries for every pair sold.

The glasses case is just a cardboard box (initially I thought this wouldn’t adequately protect my new specs, then it occurred to me how many old glasses cases I had knocking around the house I could use – a predicament I probably share with most fellow specs wearers).

A cloth bag is provided to keep your specs clean. It’s made of organic cotton.

Finally, the current deal is, if you hand over your old specs, you get £60 off the new range and they send your old ones to Vision Aid Overseas to help people with poor vision in developing countries around the world.

All well and good but do they compromise on style. The range is huge with 24 frames to choose from which are bang on trend, tapping into the current craze for ‘geek chic’.

Pricewise, they’re not the cheapest NHS issue but are placed in the very affordable ‘mid-range’ price bracket (prices for frames start at £99). And with it being Vision Express, your new specs should be ready within the hour and with 320 branches in the UK you probably won’t need to travel far either.

Now I don’t want this review to sound like Vision Express have paid for it (they haven’t) but I’m really bowled over by the Eco MODO range and I really hope customers are far sighted enough to favour them.

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