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Holistic Financial Planning

For new clients we would always recommend a full financial review to ensure that the advice that we provide takes account of existing financial provision that has been made, your current objectives and your future needs.

It is therefore more usual for new clients come to us for a full financial review or an overhaul of their existing financial arrangements, to ensure that the plans that they have accumulated over the years still meet their requirements.

When we have completed your financial planning review, we will provide you with our report and recommendations which will identify and prioritise areas of need and provide solutions.

It is important that the solutions we recommend are affordable therefore if you are restricted by budget, we would normally recommend that the most critical areas should be addressed as a priority and any less critical areas of need be deferred until further budget is available.

Very often the initial financial review will be the building blocks of an on-going advice process and we will work with you towards achieving your long-term goals as your life and careers progress, family circumstances change and budget allows.

Limited Advice

We do provide advice on a limited basis if requested to do so by a client, however we will make it clear at the outset of the advice process, that our advice may have been different if we had known full details of your personal circumstances and financial position.

Ongoing Reviews

At your review we will re-visit the overall financial picture to ensure that we are aware of any changes that may have taken place to your personal and financial circumstances since your last review.

For clients who hold investments and pensions, we will review the performance and balance of your investment portfolio to ensure that it is still meets your requirements and attitude to risk and make any adjustments as necessary.

The frequency of reviews will be discussed with you and the timing of the next review will be agreed at this stage.  If you have any changes in circumstances in the interim period, we will be happy to re-arrange your review date to meet your requirements.

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