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About Us

Our philosophy and ethics –

We do not believe that anyone should benefit from another’s suffering.

The Value of money

We believe that money is a valuable gift which provides for our needs.  By careful management, money can provide for life’s necessities whilst allowing us to appreciate what really matters in our lives –  our families, our friends and relationships with others.

It should not become a burden or responsibility, or a distraction from the real values and rewards that life has to offer.


As ethical financial advisers we are privileged to meet with clients who share our ethical values and principles, which makes our job very rewarding. We are always interested to learn about our clients and their personal ethical concerns as this provides us with a more rounded picture of what is important to them.

Many of our clients work in the social and environmental sector and therefore face ethical and environmental issues routinely as part of their role in the workplace.  We respect and admire the work that many of our clients are involved in and love to learn about their work.

It is rewarding for us therefore, to be able to help clients make important decisions about their finances, often this is an area that for varying reasons they have not addressed themselves and sometimes becomes neglected.

Many times clients have thanked us for our help and advice because we have helped them to understand more about their finances, (pensions are a particular mystery to many clients).

Ethical financial planning is more than providing financial advice on ethical services and products, it is building a sustainable financial plan for the future.  It is very important that we work closely with clients to build a long term relationship and often a friendship with our clients, as financial planning is for the long-term.

Business practices

As an ethical business, it is important to us that our business practices and the way we treat our clients and associates is in an ethical manner, as we would like to be treated.  We have good relationships with our suppliers and professional associates and many of our clients have come to us by referral from existing clients.

With so many ethical and socially responsible investment opportunities available to choose from in the UK and the number is growing, we are committed to promoting the ethical option to all of our clients.

If for some reason there is not a suitable ethical option, which would be unusual, we will look for an alternative suitable solution for the client.

If we could not advise ethically, then we would rather not be financial advisers.

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Our Approach

Our approach – holistic and balanced

We feel that it is essential to spend time with clients to listen to them to find out what their needs really are.  We provide a holistic approach, we do not sell products, we provide financial advice and look to provide long-term financial planning solutions.

We want clients to feel comfortable about their financial decisions and investments rather than  anxious about them, as can often be the case. It is therefore important for us to assess fully a client’s circumstances and their personal and financial needs and objectives before we make any recommendations.

We also need to work with clients to ensure that they have a realistic understanding of financial risk versus reward.

It is important that clients know what to expect from us and therefore it is essential to make this clear from the outset.  We are not accountants or solicitors, we are financial advisers.

We have a working knowledge of taxation and trusts, however when specialist advice is required, we will advise you.

Financial planning is intended normally for the long term, however it is essential that regular reviews are undertaken to ensure that a client’s financial plans are still on target to meet their objectives over specific time lines.

Very often changes in a person’s circumstances will prompt a financial review, but it is important to plan and keep your finances under review on an on-going basis. The timing of these reviews will depend on each client’s individual financial circumstances and needs.

Above – Torrs Hydro electric power plant , New Mills, Derbyshire

This scheme was open for investment in the development stages and is now up an running, producing an average of 30kw per hour.  We are always looking for innovative investments for our clients, please contact us for an update on currently available schemes.

Our People & Experience

Nick Abbott

Nick Abbott

Nick is a qualified Independent Financial Adviser and has considerable experience in all areas of financial planning. He has worked in the financial services industry as a financial adviser for over 30 years, having worked for several large banks – when they had a worthy reputation, then for the past 14 years working as an IFA specialising in ethical investments. 

Nick worked for 4 years as an ethical financial adviser alongside Kathy for the same ethical financial planning firm and shares her passion for ethical and environmental causes.

During this time he has advised clients on all aspects of ethical financial planning and has first-hand knowledge of some of the more alternative and unusual investments.

Nick has visited the plants of several companies who work in the environmental field providing investment opportunities for private investors, in order to see how they operate and in the main, has been impressed with what he has found.

This area of work is of particular interest to Nick and he will be working with Steve on the research side when new opportunities present themselves.  This will enable us to give clients a more in depth picture of the processes and benefits that these new exciting ventures will bring for the environment and as an investment proposition.

Nick also has extensive experience in the mortgage and buy-to-let markets and has specialist knowledge of Corporate Financial Planning, to include Share Protection and Business Protection.

Kathy Booth

Kathy Booth

Kathy has wide experience in the financial services industry which spans over 45 years. She has worked for several leading insurance companies and compliance firms and a specialist SIPP and SSAS provider. She also worked for two IFA firms, before deciding to become an IFA herself.

Prior to becoming a financial adviser Kathy held several managerial roles, she has also worked as a Life Underwriter, a Compliance Officer and a researcher and para-planner, therefore for Kathy moving to an advisory role was a natural progression.

Kathy was attracted to an ethical role as she has a strong belief in ethical values and cares passionately about the environment. She trained as an ethical financial adviser with one of the largest ethical financial planning firms in the UK working with them for over 6 years as a Senior Adviser and Compliance Officer, before setting up Abbott & Booth Ethical Financial Planning in 2010.

Kathy holds several advanced pensions qualifications to include the Advanced Pensions G60 qualification and has experience in advising members and trustees of large occupational pension schemes in the public and private sectors. She has worked with the NHS Trust in Manchester as part of the PFI process. She has also worked with several solicitors and made presentations to the court on Pension Sharing orders.

She has worked recently with a specialist retirement options firm and has gained valuable experience in arranging Impaired Life and Enhanced annuities for people who suffer with medical conditions, to obtain the best possible annuity for them in retirement.

Professional, Experienced Financial Advisers for Ethical Investments

Nick and I are committed to living a low impact and natural lifestyle, we endeavour to address the environmental challenges that modern day living presents and try to have a positive effect on the environment.

I have passionately supported the organic farming movement for over 35 years, since the birth of my first child James, when I decided that I did not want to fill him with additives and colourings – remember the book ‘E is for additive’!

From then on it has been a personal crusade to promote the benefits of a natural and healthy lifestyle to my family, friends and anyone who knows me!

We support fair-trade and purchase locally sourced food, we re-cycle, re-use and repair, we are very conscious of air-miles, food miles and excessive packaging. We use public transport when we can and we enjoy it!

We have managed a small-holding for over 35 years to ensure that the plants and wildlife are able to thrive without the threats of modern agriculture and we are pleased to have been awarded the Countryside Stewardship Award, the small-holding has been awarded the status of a Site of Biological Interest (SBI).

We are both animal lovers and therefore over the years have provided a home for countless stray and unwanted dogs and cats and given a home to several unwanted goats and many ex. battery chickens. We are currently trying to grow our own organic vegetables, which is proving to be interesting if not challenging.