Our Approach

Our approach – holistic and balanced

We feel that it is essential to spend time with clients to listen to them to find out what their needs really are.  We provide a holistic approach, we do not sell products, we provide financial advice and look to provide long-term financial planning solutions.

We want clients to feel comfortable about their financial decisions and investments rather than  anxious about them, as can often be the case. It is therefore important for us to assess fully a client’s circumstances and their personal and financial needs and objectives before we make any recommendations.

We also need to work with clients to ensure that they have a realistic understanding of financial risk versus reward.

It is important that clients know what to expect from us and therefore it is essential to make this clear from the outset.  We are not accountants or solicitors, we are financial advisers.

We have a working knowledge of taxation and trusts, however when specialist advice is required, we will advise you.

Financial planning is intended normally for the long term, however it is essential that regular reviews are undertaken to ensure that a client’s financial plans are still on target to meet their objectives over specific time lines.

Very often changes in a person’s circumstances will prompt a financial review, but it is important to plan and keep your finances under review on an on-going basis. The timing of these reviews will depend on each client’s individual financial circumstances.

Below – Torrs Hydro electric power plant , New Mills, Derbyshire

This scheme was open for investment in the development stages and is now up an running, producing an average of 30kw per hour.  We are always looking for innovative investments for our clients, please contact us for an update on currently available schemes.




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