Our Ethics

Our philosophy and ethics -

We do not believe that anyone should benefit from another’s suffering.

The Value of money

We believe that money is a valuable gift which provides for our needs.  By careful management, money can provide for life’s necessities whilst allowing us to appreciate what really matters in our lives –  our families, our friends and relationships with others.

It should not become a burden or responsibility, or a distraction from the real values and rewards that life has to offer.


As ethical financial advisers we are privileged to meet with clients who share our ethical values and principles, which makes our job very rewarding. We are always interested to learn about their personal ethical concerns as this provides us with a more rounded picture of what is important to them.

Many of our clients work in the social and environmental sector and therefore face ethical and environmental issues routinely as part of their role in the workplace.  We respect and admire the work that many of our clients are involved in and love to learn about their work.

It is rewarding for us therefore, to be able to help clients make important decisions about their finances, often this is an area that for varying reasons they have not addressed themselves and sometimes becomes neglected.

Many times clients have thanked us for our help and advice because we have helped them to understand more about their finances, (pensions are a particular mystery to many clients).

Ethical financial planning is more than providing financial advice on ethical services and products, it is building a sustainable financial plan for the future.  It is very important that we work closely with clients to build a long term relationship and often a friendship with our clients, as financial planning is for the long-term.

Business practices

As an ethical business, it is important to us that our business practices and the way we treat our clients and associates is in an ethical manner, as we would like to be treated.  We have good relationships with our suppliers and professional associates and many of our clients have come to us by referral from existing clients.

We support many charities on a personal level, but have chosen two particular charities to support as a business, please see our links page for details of our chosen charities.

With so many ethical and socially responsible investment opportunities available to choose from in the UK and the number is growing, we are committed to promoting the ethical option to all of our clients.

If there is not a suitable ethical option, which is unusual, we will look for an alternative suitable solution for the client.

If we could not advise ethically, then we would rather not be financial advisers.

We advise clients from all backgrounds and faiths, Kathy is a committed Christian and is a member of the Association of Christian Financial Advisers.

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