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Kathy Booth - Independent Financial Adviser specialising in Ethical Funding

Kathy Booth

Nick Abbott - Independent Financial Adviser specialising in Ethical Funding

Nick Abbott

Professional, Experienced Financial Advisers for Ethical Investments

Nick and I are committed to living a low impact and natural lifestyle, we endeavour to address the environmental challenges that modern day living presents and try to have a positive effect on the environment.

I have passionately supported the organic farming movement for over 25 years, since the birth of my first child James, when I decided that I did not want to fill him with additives and colourings – remember the book ‘E is for additive’!

From then on it has been a personal crusade to promote the benefits of a natural and healthy lifestyle to my family, friends and anyone who knows me!

We support fair-trade and purchase locally sourced food, we re-cycle, re-use and repair, we are very conscious of air-miles, food miles and excessive packaging. We use public transport when we can and we enjoy it!

We have managed a small-holding for over 25 years to ensure that the plants and wildlife are able to thrive without the threats of modern agriculture and we are pleased to have been awarded the Countryside Stewardship Award, the small-holding has been awarded the status of a Site of Biological Interest (SBI).

We are both animal lovers and therefore over the years have provided a home for countless stray and unwanted dogs and cats and given a home to several unwanted goats and many ex. battery chickens. We are currently trying to grow our own organic vegetables, which is proving to be interesting if not challenging…. See the Yew Tree Gallery!



Steve is Kathy’s middle son who has gained a university degree in Chemical Engineering at Manchester University and has recently been awarded a distinction in his Master’s degree in Environmental Management and Technology.

Having completed his university education, Steve is now working in the environmental sector.

As a part of his Master’s degree, Steve has worked on solving a specific manufacturing problem relating to Toluene emissions. His project is still in the first stages of development and he is hoping to be able to continue working in this area in the future.

Steve will be joining Kathy and Nick to research the environmental opportunities that become available for investment in the UK, to assess their green credentials and learn more about the processes and potential profitability.

Nick and Steve will be visiting plants and sites to gain an insight into their working practices and ethics to ensure that they are really committed to solving environmental problems.

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